Many new cars are fitted with alarms, immobilisers and other clever devices to improve vehicle security. They both protect your possessions from opportunist thieves and your car itself from being stolen.

Car Alarms Fort Lauderdale FL is the auto alarm experts! In business in the Fort Lauderdale City area, Car Alarms Fort Lauderdale FL have installed thousands of car security systems in vehicles over the last couple decades or as long as the car security industry has been around. Car Alarms Fort Lauderdale FL understand vehicle security and we have the skilled technicians who can do your job right and do it now. Car Alarms Fort Lauderdale FL are experts at car alarm wiring and car alarm installation. Most of the technicians and sales staff at National Auto Sound & Security are ASE certified in automobile electronics.

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What Do Car Alarms Cost?  Cars are electronically more complex than they used to be.  Cost of car security systems installed depends on the vehicle as well as the options you want.  While Car Alarms Fort Lauderdale FL can install a basic car alarm system for as low as $149.99  on some vehicles, other cars are more expensive.  Sometimes Car Alarms Fort Lauderdale FL may need to inspect the vehicle and talk with you to see what features you want before we can quote an exact price.   Car Alarms Fort Lauderdale FL also offer car alarm remote start packages which can be linked to your smartphone so you are alerted if there’s a problem.

Cars are among people’s most important possessions and knowing that a criminal has gained access to a car, sat in the driver’s seat, started the car’s engine, and driven off with the car is a very unsettling feeling, even if the car is later recovered. If it is not recovered, having a car stolen can also be a financial calamity. Annual property losses from stolen cars in the United States run about $4.5 billion and only about 12 percent of stolen car cases are solved. Perhaps the most frustrating aspect of all regarding auto theft is that many car owners are nearby when their cars are stolen, either relaxing or sleeping at home when a thief makes off with their car that had been parked on the street just around the block. One way to prevent car theft is by installing a car alarm with a two-way pager into an automobile. This two-way pager car alarm buying guide will explain what a two-way pager car alarm is and what its key security and driver control features are.
Car Alarm Features Explained
Car alarms and similar units come with a variety of features which can seem overwhelming at first look. Items like factory alarm arm, grounded output when armed and onboard relays are just a few. Car Alarms Fort Lauderdale FL will explain common auto security system features and how they apply to your installation.
Passive and Active Arming: Passive arming is when the alarm unit will automatically lock and arm your vehicle 30 seconds after your last door shuts. This will prevent any chance of the vehicles car alarm being left disabled. Active arming is where the owner must press the lock button in order for the vehicle to lock / arm.
Automatic Rearm:
Automatic rearm is similar to passive arming. When you press the unlock / disarm button on your remote, but never open the vehicles doors, auto rearm will lock and arm the vehicle for you. This feature is handy if you forget you have unlocked the vehicle or if it is unlocked by accident.

Ignition Controlled Door Locks:
Ignition controlled door locks are exactly as described. When the keyless entry unit or car alarm sees the key turn on, it will automatically lock all of your doors. When it sees the key turn off, the doors will unlock. This feature is usually programmable to be used in different varieties. ex… lock with key on but do not unlock with key off etc.

Factory Alarm Arm / Disarm:
When installing an alarm or remote car starter into a vehicle with a factory alarm, you must have these outputs available. When the alarm is disarmed or remote starter is activated, it will send a pulse to your factory alarm unit to disarm. When the lock button is pressed, the alarm unit will send a pulse to the factory alarm to arm it once again. This will prevent any interference between your new car alarms or remote starter and your vehicles factory installed equipment.

Grounded Output When Armed:
The grounded output when armed is generally used for starter disable applications. When the lock / arm button is pressed, this wire becomes grounded. This will trigger the relay which will inturn cut off the desired circuit.
Trunk Output:
Car alarms with a dedicated trunk output will support a vehicle with either a factory or aftermarket trunk release installed. Using a relay, you can wire between the car alarm and the trunks trigger wire. When the button is pressed, the trunk should pop.
Dome Light Supervision:
Dome light supervision is a safety feature built into most car alarm systems. When the disarm / unlock button is pressed, the dome light in the vehicle will come on solid for 30 seconds. When the lock / arm button is pressed, the dome light will come on solid for 10 seconds. If the alarm sounds, the dome light will flash in the same pulse duration on the parking lights.
Car Alarms Fort Lauderdale FL have various type of car alarms which includes – Viper, Clifford, Python, Prestige and more.