Automotive Headliners
Auto Headliners Fort Lauderdale Fl is proud to offer a complete line of Auto Headliners! We offer 4 types of automotive headliner kits, depending on what is appropriate for your automobile.

Automotive Headliner Boards

Auto Headliners Fort Lauderdale Fl automotive headliner boards are an excellent replacement for your cracked or damaged headliner board. Most newer model cars, trucks, vans and SUVs have a headliner board that is covered with fabric or vinyl, and sometimes these can get damaged and need replaced. Auto Headliners Fort Lauderdale Fl offer headliner boards for select models made of ABS plastic and covered with the fabric color of your choice.

Scrape and Cover Auto Headliner Kit

Our Do-It-Yourself Auto Headliner kit, or sometimes known as a “Scrape and cover” headliner kit, is a great and inexpensive option for most newer cars, trucks, vans or SUVs with a fabric and board type headliner. These Auto Headliner kits will work for almost every make and model since the mid 1970s. This kit is easy to install and will make your headliner look like new again.


ABS plastic headliner boards are designed to replace your original automotive headliner board and are vacuum formed for a custom fit. You can purchase an ABS plastic replacement headliner board uncovered or covered in original type headliner material.  These ABS headliner boards are ready to install. Want to customize your headliner – purchase an uncovered ABS board and you can paint it the color your desire.  ABS Headliner Boards are a dark gray in color.


Universal Conversion Automotive Headliner kits are made for those vehicles that came with the original board type headliner.  If you have your original board and it is still usable then you will only have to purchase Headliner Material.  If not, then this is the option for you. We offer these headliner kits in Foamback Cloth or Vinyl. Auto Headliners Fort Lauderdale Fl Universal Conversion Headliner Kits are made to install either with the original headliner board in place or removed.  Auto Headliners Fort Lauderdale Fl supply all hardware to install these kits.


Custom Made Automotive Headliners are sewn and ready to install for those vehicles that were originally BOW (Rods) supported type headliners. These Custom headliners are made with the pockets sewn in the correct locations to reinstall with your original hardware. Auto Headliners Fort Lauderdale Fl offer a large selection of cloth or vinyl materials to choose from.


Check Auto Headliners Fort Lauderdale Fl large selection of auto headliner fabric for restoring your old sagging headliner or that special restoration project.  Auto Headliners Fort Lauderdale Fl offer several types of cloth headliner material.  Foam backed Cloth, Cotton Napped Cloth, Synthetic Cloth, Perforated Vinyl and Vinyl’s with texture. All of our headliner material are 54″ wide unless indicated.